Memory Care Checklist: How to Choose a Memory Care Community

Memory Care Checklist: How to Choose a Memory Care Community
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Memory Care Checklist: How to Choose a Memory Care Community

When someone you love is struggling with memory loss and other symptoms of dementia, you may feel powerless or overwhelmed by the situation. Learning about the choices for long-term care can prepare you, so you can be there to help your loved one make a smooth transition into Memory Care. Finding the right Memory Care community is key to helping them live as fully as possible with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

Here’s a Memory Care checklist of important features to look for when choosing a community for your loved one, and key questions to ask as you compare options.

Around-the-Clock Care

As dementia progresses, it becomes clear that 24/7 care and supervision is essential for your loved one’s safety and well-being. Memory Care communities provide long-term care and assistance with activities of daily living in a safe setting intentionally designed to support those with memory loss.

Key questions to ask: Is nursing care available 24/7? How is medication management handled? How many meals are served daily, and what dining options are available?

An Individualized Experience

Every person’s journey with dementia is different, which is why a personalized approach to dementia care is so important. When caregiving is provided in a way that recognizes each person’s unique abilities, strengths, and challenges, it’s possible to reduce confusion and help them find joy and fulfillment in their daily routines.

Key questions to ask: Does the program offer one-on-one support and individualized care for each resident? Are families encouraged to participate in care planning?

A Dementia-Friendly Design

The best Memory Care communities support people with dementia by creating comfortable spaces where they can thrive. Physical spaces are intentionally designed to help with orientation and wayfinding, which helps residents enjoy a greater sense of independence. An emphasis on natural lighting, visually appealing artwork, and subtle uses of aromatherapy can be helpful in creating a calm and soothing environment.

Key questions to ask: Are common areas designed to help residents move as independently as possible? Are there visual cues to help residents with wayfinding?

A Safe Environment

Ensuring your loved one’s safety is always the top priority, especially as dementia behaviors such as confusion, agitation and wandering may worsen over time. Secure entrances and exits in a Memory Care community keep residents safe from wandering, and secured outdoor courtyard areas provide spaces where residents can spend time outdoors safely.

Key questions to ask: Does the community have 24/7 security on campus and an emergency response system for medical emergencies? Are there secure outdoor spaces for residents?

Specially Trained Team Members

Finding trusted Memory Care for your loved one starts with the team members who interact with residents every day. Caregivers with a high level of experience and specialized training in dementia are better equipped to help your loved one manage dementia-related symptoms and the challenges that come with memory loss.

Key questions to ask: Are staff members specially trained in providing dementia care? What is the staff-to-resident ratio?

Enrichment Activities

You want to choose a Memory Care program where residents are encouraged to engage with amenities and activities that inspire creativity and social interaction, including opportunities to live each day with joy and purpose. Music therapy programs such as Thrive Through Music help residents connect with each other and can positively affect mood.

Key questions to ask: Does the community offer programs and therapies designed for residents with dementia? Are there opportunities for social interaction?

A Residence that Feels Like Home

A Memory Care community should have an atmosphere that feels more like a home than a hospital, with comfortable spaces to share meals and spend time with others. Adding personal touches and familiar pieces of furniture and artwork to your loved one’s Memory Care residence can help create a sense of belonging in a new place.

Key questions to ask: Does the community offer private Memory Care residences? What floor plan options are available? Are there options to personalize or customize the residence?

An Exceptional Choice for Memory Care

At The Élite Collection, our groundbreaking Memory Care program takes an individualized and holistic approach to caring for those with dementia. We focus on building nurturing relationships with our residents so we can better support their unique needs. We invite you to explore the benefits of our Memory Care program and request more information about our exceptional communities.

February 14, 2023

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